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This website has been restored and archived as part of the required reading material for Daniel Moost's History of Digital Marketing seminars, part of his The Selling of Internet Technology course. Daniel comes to the university from a long career in high tech where he helped integrate legacy systems. As the technological landscape has evolved, so too has the need for modern solutions. One such challenge faced by many organizations today is finding a suitable replacement for traditional systems like Microsoft Access. While Access was a cornerstone in its time, today's dynamic business environment demands more agile and scalable solutions. In this course, Daniel touches upon the importance of modernizing older applications to make them more compatible with current, productive functionalities. He shares his insights and in-depth knowledge of big data, data science, DevOps, Kubernetes, and other cutting-edge disciplines. As the need to transition from older systems like Access grows, intersoftassociates.com stands out as a premier solution provider, crafting custom alternatives tailored to individual organizational needs. Their bespoke solutions ensure a seamless transition, marrying the old with the new for optimal efficiency. Students and professionals alike can benefit from exploring these modern solutions, and the entire syllabus for Daniel's course is available for download from the Computer Science department's webpage.



This was the website for the Digital Marketing Agency Manchester.
Content is from the site's 2015 archived pages. You can view this site strictly for its historical context or use the information presented in a useful manner.  The new owners didn't want someone else purchasing the domain and re-purposing it for something that had nothing in common with the original website.

CIRCA 2015


We drive digital conversions

Get expert help now. How can we help you?

Our mission is to creatively increase digital ROI for your brand

We specialise in Creativity, vision and inspiration

We are the Digital Marketing Agency Manchester and we want to tell as many people as we can about your brand. And why it’s great. Our aim is to create a groundswell of popular opinion and talking points around your brand that creates digital momentum. We can then use that digital momentum to create the perfect awareness and digital adoption campaign. We work across all the digital channels and our main focus is to turn all of your clicks into conversions. We are concerned with one thing and thing only. Results. Your results. You measure success by results and we want you to succeed.

At the Digital Marketing Agency Manchester we are happy when you're happy. And not before. It’s really that simple.

Digital Marketing Agency Manchester

The Digital Marketing Agency helps clients improve their brand presence and online success. And we do this using our tried and tested digital marketing methodology. That we have proven works.

Honest & frank research

We’re expert at researching your current brand position and it’s potential. We’ll tell you exactly where we think you currently sit & won’t sugar the pill. Paying lip service helps no one. If we're going to grow your brand success, we need to agree on the starting position.


Compelling web design

Most digital journeys start or finish with a website. Let us make your shop window engaging, exciting and something that your customers will want to interact with. Inspire your customers and make them feel like they want to start a compelling conversation with you.

SEO and social media

We offer the full range of digital marketing solutions but we excel at both SEO and social media. SEO is the basic building block of any good digital campaign. And social media is the growth channel. Let us create an online buzz and excitement around your brand.


Mobile responsive solutions

Google are now insisting your digital solutions are responsive. If you're not responsive, Google won't promote you. All of our solutions work on every device so your customers can interact with your brand wherever and whenever they want.

We believe in walking the walk rather than just shouting about what we can do for you.

Empty rhetoric is as useful as a chocolate teapot

And who wants a chocolate teapot? (they just don't work!) If we say we’ll do something, then we will deliver exactly that or be judged for not doing so. Our solutions are transparent and trackable and this puts you in charge of your marketing. Too many supposed marketing 'experts' hide behind industry buzz words, black hat practices or simply fail to grasp that accountability is the only currency worth dealing in. Our attitude is that we work for you and you should always have access to up to date data on how your campaign is progressing. No secrets and no nasty surprises. That way you always know where your money is being spent. And this should give you confidence and comfort.

We want to forge a mutually beneficial working partnership with you. It should be in equal parts, insightful, rewarding, and fun. And yes, we mean fun. Nurturing and growing a digital brand is very rewarding and we're used to seeing even the most technophobic of clients get excited as their brand starts to make a noise in their digital markets. We challenge you not to get equally as excited when the enquiries and orders start to flood in.
We are looking to grow relationships whereby our clients want to tell the world ho effective the Digital Marketing Agency Manchester is.

Dont just take our word for it listen to what our happy clients have to say

"The Digital Marketing Agency Manchester have expertly guided us through our social media and digital marketing set up. Excellent service."

Lee Barber - Director of Comer Collective

So what else can we tell you?

The best in breed

A lot of people talk about integrated marketing as an approach. We’re no different. We offer a multi-channel, multi-discipline solutions. The key difference is our people. Or experts as they should rightfully be referred to. They know what they’re talking about. They know how to get results. They have a proven track record. Can’t say fairer than that.

We are masters of our craft

We have decades of marketing experience and know how to drive brand awareness and brand adoption. It will literally cost you nothing to hear us out and we just could make that difference to your digital presence. We always say that we’re the digital marketing agency Manchester businesses turn to for advice and it’s true. We’re at the heartbeat of the local digital community and we’re happy to meet up with anyone who needs to talk to an expert.

Digital Marketing Agency Manchester white paper

Everyone loves a good read. And everyone loves free expert advice. Put these together and it spells white paper. So we've been busily working away behind the scenes to write our latest opus. ‘Being the most creative digital marketing agency Manchester has’ should be online in the next month or so and will definitely be worth a read.

Tea, coffee or beer?

So let’s chat about your brand and how we help increase your digital success. The only question left is do you want to do it over tea, coffee or a beer? Your choice and we won’t judge you for your answer. You see, the thing about being a fluid and clever marketing agency is you need to adapt to every client’s need and preferences so we’re as happy in our office as we are in a craft ale house.

So, ready to have that incisive and inspirational chat?

Get in touch now with the Digital Marketing Agency Manchester

And give us the chance to help you grow your brand. We offer free advice and consultation and we just might ignite that spark of inspiration in your mind. And who doesn't want to be inspired? And rewarded with success?

It's a no lose situation for you. We'll give you some invaluable advice, ideas and knowledge for free and in all we ask for in return, is that you listen to our experts with an open mind. You might just hear something that gets your mind racing. We're good like that...it's why we're called the Digital Marketing Agency Manchester.

I would like digital success

I was recently in a pitch meeting with a prospective new client.  They had limited digital knowledge and didnt really understand the intricacies of marketing or the various channels available to their brand.  As I was explaining chapter and verse about the digital marketing world (in a technophobe appropriate language), it dawned on me tha


Optimising your digital marketing

Inspire + excite your target market

Creative web design is not the same as web design. Creative web design is about making a statement. Saying something original. Visually enticing users to interact with the brand.

Creative web design is not crafted by modern web developers. It is lovingly created by old school creatives who are simply working with the digital medium.  Too many modern so called creatives have no grounding in the creative design world.  Their knowledge base doesnt extend outside of the digital world.  They know websites and only websites.

Our designers live and breathe creativity and will hand draw quirky solutions on the spot if prompted.  Try and find another digital agency whose creatives can even hold a pencil, let alone tear themselves away from Photoshop.  We are creatives first and digital designers second.  This matters when looking at conversion rate optimisation.  Clever minds will bring the traffic to your site, but clever creative will convert it.

Creative web design should excite, inspire and set the scene for a memorable brand conversation.

Innovate. Don't imitate

We believe in being different. In making a statement. And standing out from the crowd. Innovation is a rare commodity these days but being the instigator of an idea or concept is much better than being an adopter. We want to help our clients lead the way with our digital solutions.

If youre looking for a derivative modern website that has all of the same mundane bells and whistles as the next mans, then we might not be the agency for you.  However, if you want to make some brave and truly original statements, then we could be the ideal match.  We dont want to reinvent the wheel.  We simply want invent an alternative.  Something thats better.  And we believe we can.

Our creative web design solutions are also clever

Creative web design also needs to be clever. And strategic. It needs to serve a purpose, fulfill a need and solve a problem. There should a clear aim for the website, whether thats to drive awareness, sales or conversions. It has to be working hard to earn its keep.

A pretty picture with no real thought behind it from a strategic perspective will only ever garner the praise of art critics.  Something that is clever and revolutionises how people interact with it will grab the attention of the masses.  Or at least your target market. From Facebook and Twitter to the iPhone and beyond, clever technology solutions that are truly groundbreaking can have impact and longevity.

We might not be able to invent the next Pinterest for your brand, but we know we can come up with something original and compelling.  Our research will tell us where the opportunities exist for brand development and we will use these opportunities as a key driver in our creative web design process.

Our aim is to make you and your brand stand out from the crowd.  With any luck your customers will notice this and the crowd can only look on with jealous envy.

The creative launchpad

Our websites are designed to be used as part larger comprehensive digital campaigns. Yes they work in isolation as stand alone marketing assets. But theyre at their most potent when theyre integrated with some clever marketing. We see the website as the digital foundations to a good campaign. You cannot build a house on shoddy foundations. And you cannot build an effective digital campaign if your website is not up to scratch. Creative web design will give your brand and campaigns the best possible chance of prospering.

All of your digital marketing will undoubtedly point your customer to your website at some point.  It will be the pivotal epicentre of your campaigns, whether its the homepage, blog or dedicated landing pages.  Your site needs to grab the attention of your customers as soon as they arrive on it.  It seamlessly needs to continue the narrative from the marketing messages that came before it.

We believe we can offer a very coherent brand journey that makes the best use of a creative web design.  Its almost like teeing up the punchline to a good joke.  Its all about the timing.  We can develop clever web sites that integrate themselves with your marketing campaigns at just the right time (and in the right tone of voice) to really penetrate your customers psyches.  Its not always what you know, but how you use it. And we use our creative web design skills to maximise your returns and success.

 * The piece of work below was commissioned by Civic Engineers, a specialist engineering consultancy based in Manchester.  Our brief was to create a vibrant and contemporary new digital brand for them.  This design is part of the new website we developed for them.  To see more of this project, 


Your reward is our award

Talk is cheap. Awards are proof. We have a lot of talk to be fair. But we also have a lot of awards. We dont chase awards. We dont covet recognition. The only thing that matters to us it making our clients happy. If someone wants to bestow an award on us for our tirelessly hard work then great. Its a nice bonus. And its also a shot in the arm for our creative team who really are the best of best in our eyes.  And our clients. And the awards panels.


Creative web design is a basic need for all

You need to ensure that your web design experience will inspire your audience.  Is it all it can be?  How does it stack up against the competition in your marketplace?  Does it fill you with pride?  The answers to these questions should all be positive.  You should have supreme confidence that you website will reach out and grab the imagination of your target audience.  If theres even a shred of doubt in your mind, then surely its worth discussing how to improve this with someone whos expert at this kind of thing?


Listen to what our clients have to say about us

We needed a creative web design agency to help us design, build and market our new website. We gave them a rough idea of what we wanted from the website and they then wrote us a full and detailed brief. They then fulfilled this brief and finished the website ahead of schedule and on budget. The creative process was really easy with them and they were able to involve us in the key decisions along the way. They are now looking at launching our digital marketing campaign and we’re excited to see the results – The Panic Room

Our other services that will deliver digital success

Remember that the best solutions are normally made up of a combination of digital marketing disciplines.  This subtle but interconnected mix of disciplines all work together to drive the overall campaign.  Its worth having a read through our other services to see if you think they could be of interest to you.

Ask our experts to come up with some creative ideas for your website. Lets say three ideas. And then be prepared to be wowed. It wont cost you a penny but it could earn you some. Simply drop us a line, give us your URL and then ask us to come up with some clever suggestions. Well come straight back to you with our ideas and the reasoning behind them. Its no lose, win win situation.



About us

We are the Digital Marketing Agency Manchester. We specialise in offering bespoke, intelligent and creative marketing solutions that help our clients. Our aim is to increase the conversion rate and digital brand awareness of all our clients and help drive their business forwards within their chosen digital channels.


Creative Marketing Solutions

We like to think that we offer creative marketing solutions rather than services. Our aim is to give that little more than others we think its noticed and often rewarded (rightfully). We like to differentiate ourselves from a lot of our competition for a number of very key reasons.  The most important of these is that we genuinely strive to find demonstrable and strategic wins for our clients.  Wins that will make a difference to their digital bottom line and enhance the brand.  Any old marketeer can swell social media numbers and create a supposed buzz on one of the more popular social media networks.  But is there a net gain or benefit for the client in question?  A brilliant creative marketing solution is all well and good, but if it doesnt convert into a real world win for the client, then its of no use to anyone.

Our aim is for our solutions to have impact.  We want them to impact on the target audience and compel them to interact with the brand.  To start new and vivid conversations.  If we can bring a larger and receptive audience to the door of the brand, then it stands to reason that there should be a positive impact on the brand.


Accept no substitutes or second best

We set ourselves a rigorous minimum standard that all of our creative marketing solutions need to achieve.  Our in-house quality assurance teams ensure that all our creative meets the high standard we set ourselves and that we feel you should expect.  There is no excuse for sloppy, lacklustre or work that screams of apathy or lack of conviction.

For example, the piece of work below is taken from our digital portfolio and was commissioned by a client known as Tiki T-Shirts.  Tiki T-Shirts is a menswear Hawaiian themed brand that was dreamt up by a collective of Hula barmen in Manchesters vibrant Northern Quarter.  We created the brand for them including the logo and supporting creative collateral and then took the brand and to market.  


Who works here

We are very experienced bunch of individuals who work fantastically well as a team. We all possess a broad range of marketing skills and understand the digital channels inside and out. Each person within the team specialises in and champions a particular discipline.  They are then promoted to our head expert in that field. Once theyve got the title of head boffin in a particular area, their job is to take that skillset and ensure that they stay on top of it and always remain a shining example of best in breed.  This means that when you speak to one of our experts, you can be sure that their advice is up to date and effective.

Were confident that we have a unique make up as a team and our varied and in-depth experience will always shine through no matter what were suggesting. Experience really does count when it comes to marketing and you simply wont find a better team than we have.


Check out our portfolio

Our portfolio is full to the brim with creative marketing solutions that have delivered success to our clients. From SEO to PPC, social media to content marketing and above all, our creative approach to marketing as a whole, were rightfully proud of it. We know the solutions weve created have been effective. And well happily talk you through what weve done and why we did it that way.


Listen to what our clients have to say about us

We hadn’t really thought about conducting our own UX process internally as it’s something we didn’t know too much about and didn’t think really applied to our industry. The Digital Marketing Agency came in and showed us exactly how we could use UX to create a stronger bond with our customers. They created a custom UX process for us that has allowed us to start more meaningful conversations with both existing and acquisition customers – Manchester Self Storage Company


We want to talk to you

Whether youre very local, national or international. We have vast experience working with companies at all levels and were able to tailor a solution to best fit the needs of your company and the marketing challenges youre facing. We understand the difference between a local firm and the markets they operate in versus a larger more national company. We know how to offer assistance at the right level. And that makes us a marketing agency you can grow with. Well help you grow your business and then come with you on the journey, assisting you all the way. And beyond


Drop us a line

We genuinely want to talk to you. We think were very good at a few things when it comes to talking to our prospective clients. We put their minds at ease with our obvious levels of expertise. We inspire and excite with our creative ideas and approaches. And most importantly, we make it easy to appoint us because we make a very easy and compelling argument for working with us. We will boost the profile of your brand and deliver more traffic, users and conversions. Its that simple. But let us tell you in person. Well instantly come up with ideas relating to helping your brand specifically and we can put together a proposal that matches your budget, aspirations and timescales.


The last thing to say is that we will be updating this site regularly so its worth checking back when you have time Im sure well have something interesting to tell you.

Listen to what our clients have to say about us

Our digital marketing mix had become more and more cluttered and confused of late. We had started to see a downturn in the success of various marketing campaigns as we were spreading ourselves way too thin. The Digital Marketing Agency came in and advised us on how to restructure our marketing budget and channels to create more order and hopefully success. They have recently put together a social media strategy that has had instant results. Much more engagement through our main social media channels – Mundo Football